Hi, I'm Kenyon Huppe. I use technology to solve problems.

Software Engineer

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scp project

Sherman Community Players

For the Sherman Community Players site, I worked as a solo developer for the site in an independent remote agile environment utilizing Django technology for the backend, while using HTML, SCSS, and JavaScript for the frontend. This required clear communication skills and excellent documentation for reports in bi-weekly meetings with the team.

Working on this site has granted me copious experience with building up and integrating custom Content Management Systems (CMS) along with server and database administration. For this project, I integrated search functionality that expanded upon previous functionality, eventually being integrated into the company template codebase for all other existing and in-development sites.

wjn project

Wallace J. Nickols

This site was a project for a client which included the integration of over 400+ blog posts utilizing modern technologies such as Django with the Wagtail framework for the backend while implementing SCSS for the frontend. This project required the integration of an Instagram API widget to display the client's recent posts as well as the connection between the contact page and the client's email.


Breath of the Wild Character Quiz

This site was a personal project instantiated to hone my skills with React by passing data between input values and performing a series of calculations to designate a specific output. By using React’s hooks, I was able to implement these effects via changing state - passing/updating data across this multi-page application - leading to a robust and efficient system.

By implementing a point system with various calculations placed upon it, this project required vigorous planning and setting the scope and design of the optimal solution to best achieve the desired outcome. This required the honing of project management skills and avoiding scope creep.


To-Do List

This application ensures sustained user engagement through the integration of data caching, allowing the storage of user data directly in the browser for a seamlessly enhanced experience. Utilizing advanced JavaScript techniques through the create, read, update, and delete paradigm (CRUD), this site empowers individuals through ease of use while maintaining an optimized experience.

Experience With

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Git
  • Java
  • Python
  • Sass


As a college student, I've built many personal frontend-focused website projects as well as gained experience in the backend working on integrating custom Content Management Systems (CMS) along with server/database administration with my in-industry work delivering polished projects to clients. I value clear communication and strive for excellence in all endeavors that I pursue, making sure to be diligent in my documentation and giving 110% to any project that I take on.

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